1. hi phil,
    thanks for this information. i have suffered from back problems for a few years – more of a muscle spasm. i think it is my body telling me it doesn’t do that any more.
    i found that lying flat face down then raising up onto the elbows and relaxing the back( cobra?) helped more than the wind releiving pose. it put the back back where it should have been.
    keep up the good work

    • Phil

      Hey, Phil, Thanks for your comment. Folks with lower back pain over time find things that work for them to relieve the pain.
      I’m glad that you’ve found what works for you. I feel bad for people that do nothing to prevent the next episode of back pain and then resort to painkillers to be able to function again. Drugs aren’t the answer for me, prevention is.

  2. Hi Phi- I use yoga daily for stretching along with Interval Density Training. I highly recommend it actually for everyone, as it can help in so many ways. The “The Wind Relieving Pose” along with “Childs Pose” are great for assisting with lower back pain issues. Yoga is also as you mentioned an excellent core exercise like the plank. Great post and well presented.


    • Phil

      Hey, Tom, I think I’ve been practicing that “The Wind Relieving Pose” for some time, only by another name. ;^)

      How is everything going on your website?

    • Phil

      Thank you Patricia. Please let me know if there are any related topics you would like to have me address. Even if I’m not an expert on the topic I have access to a wealth of talent that are. Lots more good stuff coming.

    • Phil

      I’m very enthusiastic about helping you learn about whatever I can.
      Is there anything in particular I can answer or write more about for you?

  3. Hello Phil,
    Really love your site and am going to try yoga and meditation as a result of the great information provided here.

    I love reading about your own experiences and it makes the blog come alive.

    At least I know someone else is trying also and getting good results.

    Great personal feel to your site and you have stamped your own personality on it!

    Love your posts and will continue to check in and enjoy them!

    Best wishes,


    • Phil

      Hey Ben, thanks very much for taking the time to visit my site and comment. You know how important that is. Let us know how you do personally with the yoga and meditation. Or, if there’s anything else that’s of particular interest to you that we can write about here.
      All the best.

  4. Hi Phil (and Angie) great co-operation. Today I am a little bit wiser, and went from knowing nothing about yoga>knowing a bit about it, thanks, greetings Loes

    • Phil

      Hi Loes, we are glad to introduce you to yoga, it’s a great form of exercise and relaxation. Make sure you visit Angie’s site to get even deeper into it.

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