1. Margaret

    Just having a look at the site and what do I find? Acupressure for back pain! I have ankylosing spondilitis and sometimes by late afternoon the pain is so bad I can hardly walk. I’ve read about acupressure and thought it would be great to try (I detest needles!). The lumbar region is where I get the most pain so this looks made for me. Synchronicity?

    • Phil

      Hello Margaret, thanks for your comment and I strongly suggest that you try Acupressure for yourself.
      The two Bonnie’s are a great source of information on how you can apply this technique to relieve your lumbar pain.
      If your pain is worse in the late afternoon I have to wonder what you were doing up until that point.
      If sitting for an extended period of time was the cause, like it is for so many of us, I would suggest standing and stretching every hour or so just so you don’t tighten up.

      Personally, I never go more than an hour and a half before getting up and going for a walk around the block.
      What’s Ben Franklin’s old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.
      Good advice.

      • Margaret

        Sitting for a long time can cause pain but the strongest pain comes after I’ve been gardening. This usually involves bending and sometimes lifting heavy objects (I try to do it correctly) or a small amount of digging. Surprisingly, walking can either ease or increase the pain. I haven’t worked out why this is so. When I set out I don’t know which effect to expect.

        • Phil

          Margaret, there used to be an old Henny Youngman joke,
          Patient says, “Doc it hurts when I do this”.
          Dr replies, “Don’t do that!”

          Pain is a signal that something it wrong and shouldn’t be ignored.
          I know when I have any sort of lower back pain the worst thing I can do is to do nothing. It will just stiffen up more. I have to stretch it out. If I can lay down on the floor and slowly pull my knee into my chest I’ll feel relief in my lower back. Then by rolling one knee over to touch the floor on the opposite side while keeping my shoulders flat on the floor I’ll get an even better stretch.

          Daily exercise, deep breathing, and meditation have kept me out of the chiropractors office for over 20 years.

  2. Linda Dickson

    I agree with everything that I read. Where have you been for the last 30 years of my life? The#1 piece missing is Yoga & accupressure. Unfortunately at this time i can’t even roll over or get up & down without screaming and Curssing. I need to stay on my meds to keep my screaming under control. I hope to get my results back on Mon. or Tues. and take it from there. I know I’m in deep trouble – I can’t even do a straight leg raise.

    • Phil

      Linda, you’ve let this problem continue for 30 years. Have you ever seen a Chiropractor?
      I’ve never taken meds for my bilateral sciatica. I went to a chiropractor for many years and they always helped me. I’ve taken yoga and stretching classes as a form of prevention. I do deep breathing, meditation and stretching daily to avoid any lower back spasm. I haven’t needed to see a chiropractor in about 20 years.
      Should I ever have back pain that I couldn’t loosen up by myself I would not hesitate to go to a chiropractor for relief. Meds aren’t the answer for me, all they do is mask the pain and don’t to anything to address the cause.

  3. Joyce

    Great read Bonnie and Phil. I have to pass these on to my sister who is having some back issues (pain) now. Good read.

    Excellent site

  4. Thank you for the wonderful comments Rick. I wish you luck in relieving your back pain. There are many alternative treatments available out there that can help. If you have any ?’s or want further information on alternatives, check out my site at wellness4.org.

  5. Hey I was just on your site and saw this article on pressure points. Acupressure Points Back Pain Relief.
    Man I’m going to try some of these. I have really bad lower back pain and have had surgery also. My eyes lit up when I saw this article and now I can try these methods to see if I can relieve this pain somewhat.
    I will be letting you know if it works for me. And I will book mark this website as well.
    Thank you for helping those of us with pains!

    • Phil

      Rick I’m going to pass on your wonderful comments on to Bonnie Landsee, she’s the author and the Acupressure expert.
      In addition to the Acupressure, do try out some of the other techniques to relieve stress and lower back pain; Yoga and Meditation.

      Combine these with maintaining your weight and exercise and you’ll be well on your way to having your lower back pain behind you. ;^)

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