1. Thank you for your ideas for relieving lower back pain. It seems as I get older, I get back pains more often, especially if I change beds. I am looking forward to your article on doing the daily dozen.
    Research has also shown that oftentimes there is an emotional factor to lower back pain – financial support issues. Great article!

    • Phil

      Hey, Andi, thanks for your comment.
      There is definitely “an emotional factor to lower back pain” mostly due to Stress, which is often caused by Financial problems. If you added weight problems to the mix it almost invites Lower Back Pain.

      First, thing I suggest to everyone with or without back pain is to look at your diet. I haven’t found a better program than Dr. Fuhrman’s “Eat to Live” program. Next, would be to walk at least 30 minutes every day. Not for weight loss, but to get the blood flowing.

      Learning to relax, by doing deep breathing exercises along with Meditation helps to relieve the stress. Then I have a guest article from my friend Angie, 5 Yoga Poses for Overall Well-Being.

      Make these suggestions a part of your everyday routine and you can say goodbye to Lower Back Pain. I haven’t needed to see a Chiropractor in over 20 years, and there was a time I needed to see one several times a week.

      You can take control of your life.

        • Phil

          Yes Dee, we feel the pain of our loved ones and their passing takes its toll on us.
          My wife and I were drained and we needed a good nights rest. We slep late today and felt better for it.

          I’ve always done deep breathing relaxation, but recently I’ve started doing daily meditation.
          My friend Tom recently did a guest blog on Meditation.

          I will explore your Secret Garden link.

  2. Trank you Phil for this Great Post! Although I regularly Deal with Short Meditations, I ‘ll take your wonderful described breathing with me!

    Greetings to Brooklyn !!!! 🙂

    • Phil

      Hey thanks for reading and commenting Nik.
      I figure we’ve got to breath any way, why not use it to help us relax and feel better?
      All the best.

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