1. Diana

    Hi Phil

    Yes a great article!! I am a way back gardener for last 40 years lol…oopppssss longer than that methinks!!
    Anyway we have 2 acres but most of it is not usable because of the deer. I do however have a fenced back yard and I am doing raised beds this year. Well I am hoping for one bed and it is not done yet lol. I am waiting for the man to get er done and as long as I am in time to plant green beans I don’t care. I do cucumbers and tomatoes in tubs and I did tumbler tomatoes last year in hanging baskets and it worked great. I planted zucchini in bags of soil, just cut the top out and laid the bag on one of my flower beds and it helped with bug control. I had a shopping bag with some lettuce planted and I may do that again this year. I mixed up a deer repellent to try and it worked really well for my front border of flowers. I used eggs and dish soap and oil and hot sauce and blended it and left it outside in the sun in a spray container. It goes bad and that is the idea lol..worked for rabbits also.
    Another fun year of gardening and I am looking forward to it.


    • Phil

      Dee, I envy all of that outdoor space to garden. I have none. I do grow herbs in flower pots in my living room widow, but no vegetables. 8^(

  2. Cristina

    While I don’t have a balcony, but rather a yard, this information was extremely helpful, as I am preparing to plant my garden for the season. Great article! Thanks for sharing.

    • Phil

      Hey Cristina, thanks for taking the time to visit and for leaving a comment.
      This is the season to think about planting your garden. Spring has sprung!
      I’ll see you back at the BT watercooler.

  3. Very useful article, Tom & Phil. I’m not in the situation of having an apartment and my daughter-in-law is the gardener in our family but even so, you had some useful tips in here. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

    • Phil

      Thanks Allyn. The article hopefully helps folks that have the space and are interested in producing their own GMO Free food. Hopefully it will get some people thinking, “Hey, I could do that!”

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