1. Hi Phil,
    A very insightful article on burst training. Being a runner, and running marathons, I based my workouts more on endurance and core exercises, so this type of training I wasn’t so familiar with.
    I will definitely try to implement it into my workouts.Thanks again. Cheers.

    • Phil

      Hi Johnny, marathons give you a different level of training and endurance. But, you can easily differentiate a marathon runner from a sprinter with regard to muscle development. I jog 5K’s but I still need additional resistance training to maintain muscle mass. I’ve found also that doing sprints does help with my performance in a 5K. My resistance workout and my sprints are both Burst Training.
      I don’t know how many of my readers want to jog, let alone for 5K or a marathon distance. We all need to exercise and the most frequent complaint is a lack of time. Most people can find 10 minutes three times a week. That’s my target audience.
      I hope you’ll give it a try in your own workouts.

  2. Hi, Phil, and thanks for an informative blog about Burst Training.
    I have heard about this before vaguely, but I believe in it, even if I haven’t tried it out myself. It makes sense. Yesterday I didn’t feel ok with my body. I was a little dizzy and needed to get outside and do something. I cut the gras on my lawn and did it for half an hour and felt rejuvenated when finished. The dizziness was totally gone.

    But this wasn’t burst training was it, or what?


    • Phil

      Hi, Tove, getting up and doing something, even just taking a walk or mowing the lawn can make you feel better.
      Was it ‘burst’ training, probably not. If you do something, whether it’s lifting a weight or running a distance for 15 to 60 seconds, or until you start to get out of breath and then rest, that’s ‘burst’ training. It’s a short ‘burst’ of intense activity.

      Any exercise as long as you enjoy doing it, is good for you. Burst training is just the most effective way to get the most benefits.


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