1. I am glad to hear that alkalized water can benefit my body. I have often wondered about the reason for the recent craze in alkalized water and now I know that it improves the aging process and anti-oxidants. I will have to share this with my husband and consider an water purifier for our home. Thanks for the information.

    • Phil

      Linda, you can get the effects of alkalized water by just adding Baking Soda to your drinking water as a pre-workout drink or after to help relieve muscle soreness. I’ve been doing that for some time. It’s nowhere near the benefits you get from drinking Kangen Water. Get more information and a Free eBook at this website:


      Tell Gene, that Phil sent you.

  2. Kenneth

    What a great article about one of the most important substances our bodies need and most of us have-taken it for granted. The rise in pharmaceuticals in our water supply is a real threat and danger. We can no longer rely on our local government of providing safe water for us to drink. Look at Flint Michigan as a reminder of this tragic event.

    I thank you for providing this information and how to get the water machine you have that has transformed your health to the miraculous recovery that medications could not perform.

    • Phil

      Ken, I’ve been a member of FAN the Fluoride Action Network for over a year. I’ve called, emailed and wrote my congressmen and I’ve received assurance that my concerns are their concerns… but there’s still Fluoride in my water. There are things we need to take care of by ourselves. What we drink and eat are primary for our health.

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