1. Hi Phil nice site and great to find a online body who is using the same education plattform and working in the same area as myself. Good luck and keep up with your nice work.

    • Phil

      Thanks Fredrik, we do have a lot in common. Like you I’m learning and applying what I learn as quickly as I can, trying to get the best info to our readers. All the best. Phil

  2. Hi Phil

    Wow, I love yr blog on “Can lifestyle choices affect health”. 🙂

    I certainly have bad choices when it comes to losing weight. I really hope to find great and safe alternatives to losing weight. 🙂

    So, I believe you can help me on this.

    Thanks very much for such a resourceful site.

    Jewel Carol

    • Phil

      Jewel, I believe I can help you as well. I’m going to start you off by sending you an email with what got me started on ‘Eat To Live’. Hopefully it will motivate you as well on how to make better choices, and how you look at food.
      I think between that and what you find here, plus any help that I can offer, we’ll get you where you want go get to.

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