1. Linda

    Love this post. I am actually starting to eat salads as my main meals and loving it. I always use Hearts of Romaine as my lettuce and add a little tomato, peppers, brocolli and sometimes cucumber or carrots. I’ve got your site bookmarked to help me come up with more ideas. Also love the salad dressing!

    • Phil

      Hi Linda, I love Romaine, but I buy whatever lettuce catches my eye, or if the market has Mixed Mesclun salad. I grew up with Iceberg (still love it), but it’s hard for me to pass up on Boston Bibb, it’s just so tender and luscious. I just made my mouth water, over a salad.
      Whoever think salads are boring, just aren’t thinking of all of the possibilities, they’re endless.

      I just treated myself to a new Salad Bowl, a Home Basics ‘Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl, 5 qt. capacity. I was looking at a larger one, but this should do.

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