1. Mike

    Hi Phil,
    Kangen Water; never heard of it, maybe it’s because I live in the backwoods. All I ever do is boil all the water I drink, giving it a PH level of about 8-9, but if Kangen Water has a PH of 11.5, I know it will be a lot healthier for me; I’m certainly going to look into it.

  2. Hi, Philip, and thanks for sharing this informative blog about water and a business opportunity as well.
    Water is important and even the water from our tap can be toxic to our bodies. So you’re pointing out something that we should be more conscious about because it’s so important for our general health.


    • Phil

      Hi Tove, Water is vital for Life. The additives to our water to make it safe can often make it toxic. We have to take responsibility for what we put into our bodies. Clean, pure water that hydrates the cells of our bodies is what will help to keep us healthy and alive. Is it any wonder why so many of us are sick.

      All the best.

  3. Phil,

    While other people are promoting magic cures through expensive and bogus pills, supplements and mind numbing diets you’re the only VOICE OF SANITY ON THE INTERNET. Your’e correct, IF WE POUR POISONED WATER INTO OUR BODIES, HOW CAN WE EXPECT THAT WE WON’T POISON OURSELVES!

    • Phil

      Gene, I hope that I’m not the only voice of sanity on the internet.
      I just think we need to take responsibility for our own lives and wellness.
      If you think you can eat and drink anything you want and some doctor or some pill will save you, I think you might be in a lot of trouble.

      By making the move from soda to water, is an improvement. Moving up to pure, clean water of the right pH for you is a major step to improving your health. One step at a time

  4. These celebrities must know something that Joe Public isn’t aware of. Where do they learn about this if the media doesn’t report it? Hmmm, kinda makes you wonder how informed we think we are just watching the news on TV.

    Thank you for opening our eyes to the possibilities that are available to everyone.

    • Phil

      Ken, you and I probably both know people that don’t drink any water at all, let alone care about the quality or purity of the water they do drink.
      I’m sure some of these celebrities are just keeping up with Beyonce, but the ones I put in Bold aren’t going to drink Kangen for that reason. They care about living longer and healthier and care what they put into their bodies. I’m in that club.

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