1. Joyce

    Hey Phil:
    My husband and I would like for you to coach us for 30 days on your weight loss plan. I will not be offended if you say NO but now is the time for both of us to give up something for 30 days to see how we fill. We will be committed to the process. We will start June 18th with or without you. We are excited. We have all the Eat to Live information so it is nothing to do but :DO IT:
    Thanks Phil.

    • Phil

      You and your husband have me… YES!!! Let’s Do This!
      Review the videos and the book, write down any questions so that you know exactly what to do on June 18th. You can blog here or email me directly, whatever you are most comfortable with.
      Do ETL strict for 6 weeks and expect to lose 20 pounds. Sound good?

      • Joyce

        Hey Phil:
        We have watch the videos and now I am reading certain parts of the book. As you say you can basically put the program on one sheet of paper to keep it simple. Simple and complete works better for me.
        Post my cheat not on the frig. and JUST DO IT!

        I have been practicing and is doing great. Not hungry at all. MY SALAD IS THE KING!

        • Diana

          Hello Joyce,

          I am excited for you!! I know you will do awesome as I have done. We can’t always be perfect but as long as we are trying our best that is all we can ask for!! If we want it bad enough then as Phil says…” It’s Easy”

    • Diana

      Hellloooo Joyce!!

      How exciting you and your husband are ready to make positive changes to improve your health.
      Phil is your man and will be with you every step of the way!! I love the ETL program and could not be happier with how I feel eating real food loaded with life changing micronutrients!!

      Welcome aboard ….I KNOW YOU GOT THIS!!


  2. Hi Phil- There is a large segment of the world that is overfed and under nourished. But with education those that want to change, can. I like your outline for how you plan your meals, because it is very important not only what we eat, but how and when. The difficulty begins with all the constant advertising for instant food gratification by misleading food conglomerates. So I am glad there are people out there like you Phil, touting the benefits of healthy eating habits. Great article, well done!


    • Phil

      Thanks Tom,
      Your line about,“instant food gratification” struck a chord with me. So many people are just concerned with the “gratification” of the first four inches of their digestive track. Their mouth, tongue and taste buds and no concern about the next thirty feet of their gut and what they’re feeding (or not feeding) their bodies.

      No thought of Nutrition, they’ve forgotten what food is supposed to do. Then they wonder why they’re always sick and tired.


  3. Dee

    HI Phil

    Busy day here lol, making my son’s fav meals from his mom. He is an extreme sports guy and has like 10% bf but he wants his raspberry cheesecake and yorkshire puddings and roast and loaded crepes when he comes home for a few days. I love to make him happy!! I am eating some roasted chickpeas with a little pepper and chili powder on them …so yummyyy
    I don’t do cheat days anymore, only cheat meals pretty much once a week when my husband wants to go to the city and we have lunch. I agree with you, if you are going to cheat, make it memorable which I do sometimes
    have my cheat meal at home. Fresh caught prawns with a pasta and rich cream sauce. I never feel guilty anymore lol…I just live my life and love my life

    Cheers Phil and thanks for being you!!

    • Phil

      Dee, you’re a good Mom, and your son is very lucky.
      Here was my cheat meal for the week.
      My Cheat Meal

      I waited over a month to have this meal, and then I debated on where to have this meal.
      I enjoyed the meal, but it wasn’t everything I had hoped for. The meat was a little under seasoned and I would have preferred it to be a little more fatty. I have no idea what my next cheat meal will be. My next deli sandwich will be at one of the tried and true NYC delis, on a whim.

      Thanks for visiting again Dee.
      Your comments are very much appreciated.

  4. You are so right about our “food” being processed and full of chemicals that are addictive, hence a population that is overfed and under nourished. What irony!

    • Phil

      Hi Gordi, thanks for your comment. I don’t know if it’s Ironic or Criminal, with what Big Food and our bought and paid for Government are allowing to be done to our people.
      We have to start taking responsibility for what we put in our mouths. Just because you can eat it, doesn’t make it Food!

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