1. Diana

    Helloooo Phil

    I hope you and your lovely wife are enjoying your Chow Mein recipe that you prepared tonight.
    I still have not made it yet as I am a stick in the mud when it comes to recipes.
    Fresh caught, out of the bay prawns tonight and I am not letting my husband eat the whole pound himself lol. I can bypass pretty much everything else but when it comes to prawns and Dungeness Crab I will draw the line lol

    • Phil

      Dee, I actually didn’t make the Chow Mein tonight. I settled for Black Beans & Salsa.
      The prawns and crab sounds great.
      You could if you wanted add; chicken, beef, pork or seafood to the Chow Mein. I hope you’ll try it sometime.

  2. Travis

    Great looking site thats so easy to read I took the tour to check out your recipe here. Love the Chow Mein so I’ll try out your recipe of ingredients and see how it goes.
    I seen you have some other good looking dishes as well to check out later.
    Thanks Phil.

  3. Diana

    Great looking recipe Phil, thanks for sharing!!

    I am certainly interested in making this dish but probably will substitute arrowroot instead of cornstarch. It is a bit more delicate in the cooking process than the cornstarch but it should hold up fine in this case. In the next couple of days I am going to make the Ghee. I used to use that years ago and not sure why I stopped lol.

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