1. Phil

    I don’t know how many times I’ve made this recipe, but it’s at least once a week. It gets better every time I make it, because I do kick it up a notch every time. This time I added Sriracha sauce to the pot rather than just to my bowl at the end, and I used Godiva chocolate.

    My wife was getting her nails done and I stopped in to tell her I was making Dee’s Chili again. Her reaction, “Oooooooh!” 8^)
    The owner of the shop asked her what I was making and by the time she got to the chocolate he was salivating.

    If you haven’t tried this recipe you don’t know what you’re missing.

    Folks write to me about getting bored on ETL, I don’t think I’ll ever get bored when I can eat this well.
    I slice up the big Portabella mushrooms for the pot and it gives me texture of very tender sliced steak. I certainly prefer it over the ground beef a lot of people add to their chili.

  2. Cristina

    I knew it! This recipe is delicious, and has “all the right stuff” in it. My secreat ingredient has always been milk chocolate- in fact, for years I used 1/2 of a Hershey bar. Over the years, I have played around with various chocolates, and would you believe there is actually a jalapeno- dark chocolate out there? It is rather pricey, but a little piece goes a long way in terms of flavor. Usually when I make a pot of chili, I can eat it morning, noon, and night- for days. Good stuff, guys- thanks for posting, Phil.

    • Phil

      Cristina, I’ve made this recipe four or five times already. It’s become a weekly thing, it’s that good. I have had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and so has my wife.
      My favorite way is to steam it in a bamboo steamer with an organic egg until it is set and then hit it with a little Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce. It’s My Special Breakfast!

    • Diana

      Lol Cristina, great minds do think alike. When I made my traditional chili for my family I always put the chocolate in and it went really well with the loaded meat variety lol. When I first made my veggie bean chili I really didn’t think chocolate would go as well with that recipe as it does. Phil was the tester of the chocolate and then I had to add it also!! Who doesn’t love the chocolate!!
      Great to see you over here Cristina!!

  3. Diana

    Good Morning Phil!!

    I just finished making my chili again and this time I did add the chocolate and I like it. I didn’t think it would go with this kind of chili but it does very well. This will keep me going for about a week as I did an extra amount. I might try and stretch it out a little longer if I break into my bean soup that’s in the freezer. It does have a little turkey in it but not much. Just white beans, celery, onion and the meat.

    • Phil

      Dee, I’m so glad you added the chocolate, it adds so much to the dish.
      This last time I made it I more than doubled up on the mushrooms. Specifically a large Portobello mushroom cap. I sliced it up and to me it adds the texture of meat to the dish.
      I don’t want you getting as nutty as I am, a little turkey is not going to hurt you. Dr. F. says 12 ounces a week, and you’ll be golden.

  4. Phil

    I made Dee’s Chili again tonight, that’s twice in one week.
    My wife is working on her second bowl for dinner…. Correction… make that three bowls… LOL
    She’s a big fan of this chili. 8^)

  5. Phil

    Another thumbs up on Dee’s Chili.
    My wife brought it to work and shared it with one of her friends there, “Amazing!”
    thumbs up

  6. Diana

    Awesome Phil, I am glad you and your wife loved the chili!! I was sitting here this morning and thinking, I wonder how the chocolate tastes in the veggie chili as I have only used it in the traditional no veggie, tons of meat, smokey kind of flavor chili. I have my answer and next time I will for sure try it. I think the browning might have something to do with my cast iron frying pan that I always use. Didn’t think about that but glad you got it sorted and why not use a quicker method anyway.
    I could have browned the veggies in a pan before adding the mushrooms but actually if the pan is hot enough you don’t get too much liquid coming out of the mushrooms anyway.

    I am going to move on to my 15/15 pretty soon!!

  7. Phil

    Okay, the first review of this recipe from my wife, “De-lish! That tastes Great!!!” She gives it Four Stars!
    My review, “Simply amazing! Great depth of flavor.”

    I can’t imagine making this recipe again and not add the chocolate, it does add magic to this dish.

    I should say that I did run into one problem, I couldn’t get the diced vegetables dry enough to get browning in them in the over. 450º for 1/2 an hour and I gave up on them. I browned them in a pot. That took only a couple of minutes.

    Then I added the mushrooms and the Garlic, I had to add the garlic. The rest of the recipe I followed. The before adding the beans and spinach we added 3 1/2 ounces of 70% Dark Chocolate. That took good to Great!

    My wife and I both had two bowls. I know I will be making this dish often. But, unless you can tell me how to get the veggies dry enough for the browning in the oven, I’m going back to sauteing them in the pot.

    My wife came up with a nice topping for this dish, grated Gouda Cheese.

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