1. Diana

    Hi Phil

    I am going to order the books for my son and daughter in law. I am afraid for their health so much, I wish they could understand my fear of illness because of the smoking. I worry so much for them and also my granddaughter who is autistic and I know I can’t be around forever.

    • Phil

      Dee, I don’t know any better gift to give somebody than their Health.
      There is no such thing as a healthy smoker.
      You’ve also given yourself a gift as well, because nothing will give you more joy than to find that the both of them will be Happy Non-Smokers. It will be a joy and a relief.

      Make sure to let both of them know that I’m here for them as well.


      • Diana

        Well Phil, my son and daughter in law just received the books. My son sent a text saying…did you send us books!! I did ask him the if you could push a button and he did say yes.
        My daughter in law said…perhaps we can take away something from reading the book. I got her the one about women and smoking .

        I can only hope and pray they will find success if they choose it, instead of setting themselves up for failure presuming they cannot succeed.

        • Phil

          “I can only hope and pray they will find success if they choose it,”

          Dee, you gave them a tool that has helped millions of people for over twenty years. All they have to do is, want to quit and read the book, to the end.

          They have a program that billionaire Sir, Richard Branson, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Ellen DeGeneres and magician David Blaine all used to quit.

          What you need to know is that it does work, it’s EZ and that you’ve done your part. All smokers quit eventually, it would be better for your son and daughter-in-law if now is their time.

          I’m here if you or they need me.You have my email address, give it to them or point them over here.


  2. Brandi


    I haven’t been in the position of trying to help someone to quit but I have been the person trying to quit.

    Your article is spot on in regards to how to help someone try to quit.

    It was nearly three years between the time I would have answered “YES” to your button question and actually quitting. And of course I tried and failed numerous times since.

    Nearly everyone in my life was on board with my decision. Nearly everyone tried HARD to help me. Everyone went about it wrong. And everyone lost interest or faith in my ability to quit and gave up on helping me and even supporting me. My decision to quit became a joke.

    And so it really came down to me. Me wanting to quit for me. Me working to quit for me. And I really built it up as a HUGELY DAUNTING task.

    Judgements and even rational don’t work for addiction. You point this out very well. I read through to your link about Allen Carrs book. It sounds intriguing and I might give it a read out of curiosity, to see if it would have been helpful to me in the past. And to perhaps pass it onto my father, who has been struggling with quitting cigs for a decade.

    I will say, one thing that stuck me about the book is this: that when I did actually quit for good; it was easy. That may sound crazy considering how I, and most people, struggle with quitting, but it’s the truth. When it was real and permanent, it was easy.

    And maybe that is the key to both quitting and the success of Allen Carrs approach.


    • Phil

      Brandi, When we buy the book, I actually think we are pre-sold on the idea that quitting is not only possible, but EASY. It’s in the title of the book. If millions of people for decades have been able to quit, I should be able to as well.

      Carr, tells you in the first chapter that by the end of the book you will be done forever and don’t even think about cutting back until you have finished the book. That takes all the pressure off the reader. Smokers know what pressure does to a smoker, make them want to smoke.

      I quit almost 14 years ago, but I still have my copy of the book and read it on a regular basis. Not because I’ve ever been tempted to touch another cigarette, it’s just that the approach of Carr is so brilliant. If it works on nicotine addicts the same techniques can be used on other addicts, Sugar for example, if you don’t think Sugar is a Recreational Drug you would be wrong.

      It is a great read. It is an education in motivation. I don’t know how many lives this book has saved, but it helped me be a Happy Non-Smoker, and I couldn’t do it in the 40 years before I found it. I’m convinced if Allen Carr didn’t save my life he certainly changed it.

      Read it for your father, it will help you to help him.

      I’m here if there is anything I can do to help.


  3. Katharina Zeelenberg

    Very thought provoking. Yes, I have tried to get my sister to stop smoking, but (after reading the above) I don’t try any more, due to her just shutting you down. It is NOT a topic for discussion we have all realized. A good afternoon comes abruptly to an end if it is brought up, however tactfully. There is another factor …. she was smoking while pregnant and lost twins (later in the pregnancy) and I think any success now will bring on a huge guilt trip – should I just leave it alone? I am truly worried about her………

    • Phil

      Katharina, the best thing you could possibly do is to read “Easy Way…” yourself. It will give you so much insight into what your sister is going through and thinking, what her fears are.

      You want your sister to stop smoking, deep down, so does she. She thinks she’s condemned to life, that’s it’s impossible to quit. You will know by the end of the book that it’s Easy, it’s right there in the title, and that millions of people have done it. Take hope, give her hope.

      After the book try again, when you’ve got nothing to lose and a great deal to gain by trying, by all means try.

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