1. Diana

    I am getting some hummus fixings today and there are cucumbers on sale for .77 each so I’m in lol. It’s funny that some parts of the world call chickpeas, garbanzo beans.
    They are the same thing. Chickpeas on sale today also
    and a few different types of beans so I must stock up.
    I will use the cucumbers as a vehicle of hummus transport!!

    • Phil

      Yes Dee, Chickpeas, Garbanzo, Cece or Ceci beans are all the same.
      All canned beans are not the same. According to “America’s Test Kitchen” GOYA brand canned beans are superior to even dry beans.
      They’re all I buy. I hope they have them available where you live.


      • Diana

        Just came home from a nice day in the city!! Finished making my hummus and it turned out great. I modified it a little and stirred in the sesame seeds after I processed it.
        I will enjoy it with some cucumbers for lunch tomorrow.

        As old as I am, I have never tried hummus before and it’s a whole new way to get some great nutrition happening.

        Thanks Phil

        • Phil

          Dee, I’m glad I could introduce you to Hummus. It is a very versatile dish that I’m sure is going to be a regular part of your diet. It can be modified in many different ways and used as a dip or a side dish or even a spread on a sandwich.

          As you mention it’s great nutrition and you’re going to discover for yourself a lot of ways to use it.

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