1. Phil

    I started off 2015 weighing 210 lbs and I made it down to 172. I didn’t hit my goal of getting under 160 lbs.
    This year I started My 2016 New Year’s Resolution to get to my Ideal Weight right after Thanksgiving. I’ll be under 172 before Spring and under 160 before Summer.

    Once I’m there…
    As God is my witness...

    I also will never be hungry or spend hours in the gym.
    Do you want to know how?

    • Diana Watson

      Good Morning Phil!!

      I am sitting at the computer this morning before heading off to work for a few hours and up pops your post lol. Having hot lemon water at this moment to start the day and when I get to work it will be some herbal tea and I just don’t feel like coffee today. Yo yo dieting has been a big part of my life, although it has never been hugely fluctuating but enough to make things difficult at times to get back to where I should be. Not a bad day yesterday but still not keeping within my feeding window as much as I want to but it will come. A new day again and I can make it a great one in terms of my food plan, then I am happiest. I need to have a clear, regimented protocol and combining ET and IF is clearly the BEST plan for ME!!

      Have a peachy day PHil!!

      • Phil

        Hi Dee,
        You can only do what’s comfortable with regard to your Feeding Window. If you’re hungry eat, eat as clean as you can, stop when you’ve had enough. Only try to extend your Fasting period when it’s EZ.
        Drink when you’re thirsty and sleep when you’re tired.
        I would add, weigh yourself every day and walk for 30 minutes.

        Do these few simple things for yourself and you’ll be way ahead of the pack.

  2. Diana

    Well Phil, Kath went to McDonalds play place this afternoon after we had been at the pool.
    Sometimes I do let her eat one item but not today and I had a roast in the oven to get home to. I found myself wanting something and I usually don’t have a problem watching ppl walking by with fries, hamburger and gigantic pop. I had to keep talking to myself and it would have been so easy to walk up to the counter and order something but I didn’t. One of those moments where you really have to be strong and it didn’t feel EZ Phil….what’s up with that lol

    • Phil

      Dee, I think the reason that it wasn’t an EZ decision was that you’re still mistakenly thinking of that stuff as FOOD… it isn’t and I don’t.
      Did you know that if you bought some of those wonderful fries and put them in a sealed jar that they wouldn’t spoil or look any different from the day they were bought for 11 MONTHS!
      I’m sorry, that’s just not right and that’s just not food. I wouldn’t touch it with a stick.

  3. Diana

    Ahhhh yo yo dieting, been there done that for many years too Phil.
    A promise we make to ourselves should be so, so, important and yet we constantly let ourselves down.
    How would we feel if someone made a promise to us time and time again and let us down? Yet we do it to ourselves over and over again.

    We should make our promises realistic, specific and maybe write it down. I know when I keep promises to myself, it makes me feel happy, confident and then I will strive for more of those same feelings of accomplishment.

    We are important, so let’s start treating ourselves like we are!!


    • Phil

      We can Dee, it’s really as simple as deciding what we really want and then act as if were impossible to fail.
      You can have anything you want in life as long as you’re willing to pay the price. Find out what price there is to pay and Pay It!
      It’s as EZ as that.

      I’m willing to go through as many cycles with ETL as it’s going to take to get me down to my Ideal Weight. Then, I will not let myself go above the Max Weight I set for myself. I promise myself… but I make that promise public. ;^)

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