1. Hey Phil, great article. I totally agree, we are what we eat. I remember when I became a vegetarian. First my health improved, but then I started to eat more tofu. Even though I was currently living in Germany and it wasn’t GE soy, it still made me sick. I was tired, constantly had headaches etc. After I did some research I dropped the soy altogether and I felt like a million bucks again.

    I have also stopped consuming sugar. (Unless I bake my own cookies every now and then, but I also try to make those healthier and substitute at least part of the sugar for something else). I also used to add lots of sugar or artificial sweeteners to my coffee. Now I drink it black. It’s all about getting used to it. Now I can’t stand a coffee that is too sweet.

    Me and my husband are also getting rid of the wheat products in our home. We won’t throw them out, but we aren’t buying any more either.

    So for anyone who is struggling with their weight or diet, I can only recommend taking it one step at a time. Starting with one food, maybe the one you eat the most. Start by reducing it and slowly phasing it out. It is amazing what a difference it will make in the end.

    Thanks for sharing this great post.


    • Phil

      Hey Sarah, thanks for your comment and kind words.
      I am in fact not a “Vegetarian” or a “Vegan” I do eat meat. It’s usually only once a week, sometimes less.
      I do think I eat healthier than a “Vegetarian” or a “Vegan” because I don’t usually eat any Grains, (wheat, rice, barley, oats, corn… etc.). I consider them to be “Filler” or “Fodder”. If they’re feeding this stuff to livestock to fatten them up, what’s it doing to us?

      You don’t need “Filler” if you can eat all the Real Food that you want and still lose weight.

      I think you made the right choice when you started with SUGAR. It’s instantly addicting and a curse on the human body.


      • Hey Phil, I agree. We don’t need to be consuming unnecessary fillers. I do enjoy my cheat days though. But if you limit your intake to those special days, you still reap the benefits and when you do enjoy those foods, they taste that much better. Waiting for something just makes it better.
        Oh and sugar is super addictive. Some researcher even say it is more addictive than cocaine. Now that is a scary thought when you consider how much is consumed daily by so many people, especially children.

        • Phil

          Me too Sarah, I do enjoy my cheat meal.

          I worked with this young lady and after a couple of weeks I noticed that she had the worst diet I had ever seen. I asked her, “Do you ever drink anything that doesn’t have Sugar in it?” she said, “No!” I then asked “How about your six year old son?” “No!”

          She would pass up fresh fruit that she could have had for free to go and buy fruit-flavored candy. She called in one day from the hospital, she was throwing up blood. She was an adult of 26, but what about her child, does he have any chance or any choice?

  2. Evelyn

    I thought whole wheat was good for you? I know there’s fiber in veggies and fruit, but I love my wheat. Among other things. I’m going to cut back on my wheat intake and see how I feel.Thanks for the info! 🙂

    • Phil

      Evelyn, I’m of Italian descent, I love my bread, pasta, pizza, but I can’t eat it every day. I save it now for a once in a while thing.

      You can love it all you want, but just so you know now, it’s making you fat and it’s making you sick. 20 grams of sugar in every slice of bread. Two slices more sugar than a can of soda. Have a soda with your sandwich and wonder why you’re putting on weight… right?

      Try going wheatless and it won’t be long before you feel a difference.
      If you do, then do what I do and save it for a once in a while thing.
      Eat more “real food”.

  3. Jared

    Your entire site is a compliment to the internet. I find your posts candid, intelligent and well written.

    I don’t think you could find a better comparison then our vehicles and gasoline vs the foods we eat.

    I also clicked on your Ghee butter post because I have been very curious about how I can cook without oils.

    Looking forward to the salad dressing you use and your bean mash.

    I have really enjoyed your posts, they are helping me adapt to this new way of eating and exercising and I really feel great.

    Thanks again Phil!

  4. Hi Phil- I don’t believe I have ever heard “what are you eating?” from any doctor. That is when I used to go to them. Now I take responsibility for my own health.
    You are spot on about sugar being one of the most addictive poisons on the planet and hopefully as more people become educated about this poisonous product they will opt for other options.

    You know its a hard pill to swallow for so many of us to now start to understand the tremendous downside to eating modern processed wheat and wheat products.They really do lead to insulin release and fat storage. Its good you brought that up as one of the things for us to avoid on our trek to better health.
    All I can say is another well researched post, a must read for anyone looking for answers to improving their health.

    All the best-Tom

    • Phil

      Yeah Tom, I learned a lot researching this article, that’s the best part about writing content for the website.

      I’ve never been a sugar junky, not big on candy or sodas, but I watch the kids at work and they are off the hook. They would rather buy fruit flavored candy then eat a piece of fruit I offer them for free.

      This kid in front of me has a couple of these Monster Energy drinks and then can’t understand why he can’t stop himself from banging on his desk like a chimp. He’s wired!

      My go to weight loss plan for years was Low Carb Atkins. Bread and grains were a no-no, so limiting the wheat is not something new to me. That may be one of the best things about Atkins.

      Thanks Tom

  5. Wow, the sugar beets industry is going to be gunning for you now. Since most of the processed sugar today is made from GMO sugar beets, perhaps you will even get Monsanto’s attention.
    Very good article, thank you for sharing. I would venture to say we are all guilty to some degree of eating the wrong foods. But how can we not? They are addictive, taste really good, and substitutes are not the same. It is a mental breakdown in willpower. Save us Lord from ourselves!

    • Phil

      Amen Brother!

      I agree with you up to a point. I agree it’s not that easy to break the addiction to the garbage that makes up the Standard American Diet, it’s everywhere you look. It’s sometimes hard to find something that is actually fast and healthy. When that happens I just go with a bottle of water. I can easily go 48 hours without food.

      Where I disagree is that it’s not actually FOOD!

      Unless we start looking at it for what it really is we’re destined to be sick and tired until we die because we thought it “taste really good”.

      From the movie ‘Pulp Fiction’ Jules: “Hey, sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie, but I’d never know ’cause I wouldn’t eat the filthy motherf_ _ _er.”

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