1. Great points Phil!

    I haven’t read Napoleon’s Hill’s book eat but I have heard the main points from different sources many times. At some point, I will get and read the book because so many people recommend it.

    I agree with you that writing goals is definitely important. That way it’s easy to track your progress. And also, your focus goes into the right things and your subconscious mind starts working toward the goal until you have reached it.

    Keep up the good work! I was glad to read from your website that your life has changed a lot in a positive way. That’s inspiring!


    • Phil

      Hi, Roope, thank you for your comment. I would think that for somebody in your niche that Think and Grow Rich would be mandatory reading. So much of success and motivation concepts stem from Napoleon Hill. I’ve certainly seen it reflected in Anthony Robins, Brain Tracy, Tom Hopkins, Ogg Mandino, Zig Ziglar and on and on.

      My goal is not to tell people what they should do, but simply show what has worked for me. I’m not blazing any trails I’m just leaving breadcrumbs for those that care to follow.

      If you believe you can or you can’t do something in either case you’re probably right.
      I have a very hard time when people tell me they want to do something, but tell themselves, “This is going to be hard!” That’s not what I learned from my parents. They told me if it’s possible you can do it. How is saying it’s going to be hard help you?

      That’s why folks like you and I have to make our message EZ to swallow.
      All the best.

  2. Phil

    One year after my entry on the blackboard, last week I weighed in at 172 (I couldn’t hit it last year).
    Last year I was happy to do 1 1/4 miles without stopping, this year I completed a full 5K in 35 minutes. It’s not the 28:20 I ran in my 30’s, but for a year older I think I’m doing well.
    This year isn’t over, but I’m already planning for next year.

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