1. Diana

    Hi Phil, you will be sleeping by now lol

    I love to roast chick peas. Tossed in a little oil(oh oh)
    I melt a very small amount of coconut oil and toss the chick peas in after I have rinsed and patted them dry.
    I add whatever I want as a seasoning then, sometimes
    salt, pepper and chili powder or pepper and fine grated lemon zest. Bake at 400 for about 30 to 40 minutes until crispy.
    Makes a wonderful healthy snack!!

      • Diana

        Hellooooo Phil!! Happy TGIF

        The sky is the limit for seasonings and next time I roast the chick peas, I am going to throw them in a salad.
        Yep, makes me want to do that right now lol

        Have a peachy day!!


        • Phil

          I was thinking perhaps, Garlic powder and Oregano for a little Italian Pizza taste.
          I like the salad idea as well.

  2. Edmund Ilski

    Phil,another one to try.
    Garbanzo beans have been known to sit a little heavy on me but this recipe I think I’m willing to try 🙂
    Putting these things in a blender is a new one for me 🙂

    • Phil

      Edmund, if you know there’s an issue with Garbanzo beans just use any beans you like, white, pink, black.
      I actually use a ‘stick’ immersion blender to make my pureed beans, but a blender or food processor would work.

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