Phil, Your article is excellent because it explains both the science of muscle soreness and provides practical and simple remedies – SUPERB!

    • Phil

      Gene, I assume people are going to overdo it when they start working out and they will have muscle soreness. I do the same thing. You have to know what to do when it happens. These practices work for me and I hope they work as well for everyone.

  2. Tracey

    Good article Phil, I was in a lot of pain for 2 days over the weekend after trying a new 20 minute workout that works your glutes & legs & balance, everytime i sat down or had to get back up the top of my thighs & inside of my thighs hurt so much a bath with epsom salts helped a bit with the pain

    • Phil

      Hi Tracey, I’ve used Epsom salts as well, but I wasn’t sure of it helped in addition to the hot bath and gentle massage of the sore muscle.

      I hope you’re feeling better now.

    • Diana

      Hellooooo Tracey Girl!! Lovely to see you here…

      I pushed really hard on my 15/15 and had the thigh aches very badly but it was gone in a few days. I love the 15/15 cable workout and I can’t believe now I exercise every day with cables. I work hard on the 15/15 every second day and then the other days I do about 15-20 minutes of a toning and light exercise regime with the cables. I am so happy I quit the gym and went this route. Thank you Phil. I even took my cables last weekend when my granddaughter and I did a girl’s weekend. Easy peasy lol.


      • Phil

        Ahhhh the girls are in the house.
        Tracey stick with Dee, she knows all of the ins and outs of the LL TNT 15/15 workout. I can promise you that nobody that you or Dee know, on BT or anyplace else that could do the workout she’s doing three times a week and walk the next day.

        I can tell them you don’t have to spend hours in the gym, but they can doubt me. Dee, might just be a fluke, but the two of you doing it and making unheard of progress should silence all of those Workout Experts.

        Once again, Tracey just follow Dee’s lead. She is amazing.

  3. Diana

    Hi Phil

    Great article on DOMS. My latest experience was when I started the TNT 15×15 workout lol. Not as bad as it could be but of course who would think in 10 minutes …little measly 10 minutes!!

    • Phil

      Dee, I wish I had wrote the article sooner, maybe I could have saved you some pain.
      Well, what’s the old saying, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”?
      I think there’s always some pain when you start working out or change your routine or exercises. It’s unavoidable.
      It’s good to have some ways to get relief without Pain Killers!

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