1. Hi Phil
    I think your website is made for me!!
    It is filled with the most useful information and the most enticing images, I love it.
    I am into healthy living as well, and I love your dietary advice and what foods are best to eat.
    I shall be referring to your website again and again.
    Many thanks

    • Phil

      Hello, Chrissie, thanks for coming by and your wonderful comments.
      Of course, the content here is based on my personal “Experiment of One”.
      But, what I suggest here has worked for me and should work for anyone.

      Please if there is anything you’d like to see me or one of my experts write about, just let me know.
      Don’t be shy and Share whatever you think might help somebody that you know.

      I hope to see you back soon.

  2. I did not know that chia seeds came in two different colors. I am curious on how much iodine the seeds contain, is it just a trace amount? Iodine is very important for maintaining a healthy body, which because of the mandatory vaccination laws becoming the norm. Iodine helps your immune system fight off many of the cancer causing ingredients in these vaccination shots. I can only find Chia seeds online, so i am going to stock up on them now. Thank you so much for your explanation on this wonderful superfood.

    • Phil

      Hey Ken, thanks for your comments.
      I know Iodine is important, but I haven’t really looked into how much there is in chia seeds. I soak 1/4 cup of black chia seeds every day and add them to everything, from my morning water to my oatmeal, my beans for lunch and again with dinner.
      I get them for $5 a pound at the health food store.

  3. Hi Phil,
    When I soak the chia seeds, once they have absorbed the water I can put them in anything I prepare? For instance pasta sauce to get the kids to eat them too 🙂 Sometimes I have to hide healthy ingredients in food or my family won’t even try it. I want them to benefit as well as myself. Great article, thanks for the information.


    • Phil

      Hi Heather, Yes, you can add the soaked Chia seeds to anything you prepare, sauce, stews, gravy, puddings, in your baked goods, as a thickening agent or an egg replacement in recipes. They are truly versatile.
      I don’t know if this is true or not but I’ve heard you can put chia seeds on ceramic animals and stuff and make ‘Chia Pets’. I’ve never done it myself, but I believe it might be fun for your kids. ;^)

      I love to play with my food.

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