1. Gene

    Phil, I’m very impressed by your web site, it’s very “user friendly” and the information you’ve posted is accurate and worth reading! I was thinking last night that I needed a more accurate scale and I was delighted to find your Omron recommendation. I wound up buying the HBF-514C for a few extra dollars to get the “Resting Metabolism” and “Body Age” data – at 73 this information starts to become important. Thanks, Gene

    • Phil

      Hi Gene, thanks for your comments, they mean a great deal to me. I think you’re really going to appreciate the added information that your new OMRON scale will give you. Stay healthy my friend.

  2. I have never needed a weight scale until the last few years. I was always under-weight for my size. I was lucky my Mother always said. I considered it a curse. I was always skinny.

    Once I reached my fifties, stopped smoking, my weight began to increase. This was an ideal situation I thought. But my weight is not complimentary to my body. I began to start eating better by following your “Eat To Live” book, instead of the Cajun way of “Live To Eat”.

    According to all the BMI Charts I have viewed, I am at the high end of my ideal weight versus my height. But I know this is not totally correct. I want to know my body fat/muscle ratio which charts simply can’t do, nor regular bathroom scales either.
    I am very glad that I read your review of the HBF – 510. This is what I have been looking for! Thank you for this review! I know where to start now!

    • Phil

      Ken, information is power and often a force of motivation. We’ve discussed your weight issues in the past and if I were you I wouldn’t focus on BMI. I would be more concerned with Visceral Fat, which the OMRON will give you.
      It’s just so affordable I can’t see why anyone shouldn’t have one.

      Here’s another measurement that can make a big difference for you: the Blue Zones Vitality Compass (apps.bluezones,com/vitality), a simple online longevity assessment tool. It is FREE to the general public and with a few short questions, calculates your healthy life and indicates ways you can improve it.

      My Life Expectancy:
      My Life Expectancy
      The two biggest improvements I could make is to eat more fish and go to church. I’ll eat more fish.

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