1. Phil

    Last night was the first night that my wife didn’t want home from work. It was over 90º and the girls she works with convinced her that it was too Hazy, Hot & Humid to walk home.

    It’s still over two months and I’m still proud of her.

  2. Phil

    It has now been over a month of my wife walking home from work and I’m proud to say that She Hasn’t Missed One Day!

    I think she’s down three pounds total, which is not a part of her plan. My wife doesn’t really want to lose weight… she thinks she’s perfect as she is. She must be right because in forty years she has never been wrong. 8^/

    • Diana

      Hi Phil

      It’s great your wife has continued her walking to work and nice weight loss without trying!! I am sure she is purrrfect cuz she says she is lol .
      Being right is just the cross us women have to bear!!

      • Phil

        She actually walks home from work, not to. She still hasn’t missed a day. Most nights she comes and does her Pilates and then takes a shower to cool off. She is in pretty good shape.
        I would like to see her get a little more strict with her diet, but after her shower she wants her wine and cheese before dinner. She is not trying to lose weight.

        Yep, that being right all the time must be quite a cross to bear, but I’m just guessing. ;^)

  3. Diana

    Hi Phil, I was thinking I had read somewhere about your wife still walking home from work and had lost 2 pounds?
    Can’t make this stuff up lol but am I psychic or phycho…I love spelling those words lol

    I like to move it…move it…move it
    She likes to move it…you like to move it
    We all like to move it!!

    • Phil

      Yesterday my wife and I were out walking for over two hours, and where did we go… Whole Foods Market. Where they have the best of the best when it comes to food and produce, Organic, Farm Raised, fresh and cooked. The place is amazing.
      My wife bought a piece of cheese and I compared prices and started planning for a Cheat Meal.
      Whole Foods Market, Brooklyn, NY

      Today I did a 5K in the park and then went with the wife shopping…. Yipee!
      Another couple of hours walking.
      “She likes to move it…you like to move it
      We all like to move it!!”

  4. Diana

    Great pics Phil and your wife is lovely!! You are not too bad either lol. I am from the same generation, got to love the 60’s.
    Discovering our own reasons to start moving is huge, no matter what they are. Staying healthy so I can be here for my Kat for a very long time is my driving force.

    Great article Phil and thanks for sharing. You have so much information to share, you must just be bursting lol.
    Hmmmm on her not wanting to do the 15/15 !!

    • Phil

      Thank you, Dee.
      My wife is a little slower to try new things, she gets set in her ways. However, she stopped smoking 7 years before I quit. I don’t know how she put up with that for so long.

      With living a healthy lifestyle, I think the problem is that people think if they’re not sick, this very minute than they’re okay. If they are sick they take some pills and then they think they’re okay. But, if you can never stop taking those pills how okay are you?

      I’m 66 and take No Medication. I feel I must be doing something right.

      Food Is The Cure!
      Getting Up and Moving Is Vital.

      Kat is lucky to have you as I am to have you as a friend.
      May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live.

      Keep doing what you’re doing.

      Your friend and admirer,

      • Diana

        Wow Phil, stopping smoking when your other half continues must have been tricky to say the least.
        She had to have really wanted to quit and stay quit!! That’s all it takes though, wanting it as much as breathing.
        I never give my opinions about eating plans unless someone asks me and then I will give it if you like it or not. Many people have no understanding of how different food groups effect our bodies when we eat them.
        I am not perfect but I am trying every day and today was a very good day and tomorrow I get to make it an awesome day all over again!!
        I too take no medication and plan on keeping it that way. I may occasionally take a pain relief for my knee but that’s about it. I wish I had my mindset of the last year, a few years ago but I didn’t and better late than never. Before last year I focused too much on food in general and the quantities I ate. Now I focus on living my life and loving my life as best I can day by day.

        Thanks Phil for being my friend and I appreciate your commitment to making it EZ for us!!

        Keep moving!!!

        • Phil

          Dee, it’s a daily process, a series of choices we make of what is most important to you.
          We can choose to smoke, drink, eat for an immediate gratification or a long term desire.
          I thought for about 30 years I would be dead at 70 no matter what I did. I still thought I would die of Cancer when I quit smoking.
          It wasn’t until I discovered Dr. Fuhrman that I thought I could beat the Big C. The choices ever since have been very EZ for me. I want to Eat To Live.
          It’s hard not to share what you’ve learned and has worked for you with others.

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