1. Rick Crocker

    Thanks Phil, I’ve just run across you today for the first time. I’ve never heard of Alan Carr either but sure am glad I did. Today is my “Quit Smoking Forever” day, It’s been planned for 2 weeks now. I”m getting Alan’s book momentarily, wish me luck. Ill keep you posted on my progress.

    • Phil

      Rick you don’t need luck, all you need is the book. In fact, put off stopping until after you finish the book.
      How is that for taking the pressure off?

      I’m here if you need me.

  2. Phil, I hear you Bro. That book is amazing and I also used it about 12 years ago with the same success as you. God bless Allen Carr.
    There is nothing to ‘give up and everything to gain.

    I actually feel sorry for smokers. I cried when my husband took it up again.

    When I gave up I told my doctor that I felt ‘more awake’ and he said
    “Oh yeah, that’s because you have been sedated for so long. Smoking has stimulants and sedatives mixed together.”

    What? I didn’t know that! Oh man!

    • Phil

      You’ve summed up the book beautifully. It’s amazing how many after reading the book come to the same awareness. Then we just want to share this “Ah-ha!” moment, just like we were Allen Carr.

      I knew the smartest thing I ever did in my life was to Stop Smoking, I didn’t know I was more awake until now.
      Thank you.

  3. Hi Phil. I find it interesting when you say that fear is the only thing keeping you smoking. I’ve never smoked, but have pretty much lost my mother-in-law to the consequences of a lifetime of smoking.

    The way you describe this book and how helpful it can be, it sounds very promising for someone wanting to stop smoking for good.

    Excellent information!

    • Phil

      Michelle, the smoker is addicted to Nicotine, the physical addiction is quite weak, the psychological is quite strong. Most smokers have tried many times to quit with the wrong technique or motivation and they fail. After a while you get tired of failing and you fear that you never will be able to quit.

      Cigarettes in some cases is a person’s oldest and dearest friend, that has been through thick and thin for years. It’s their everything solution. Many would rather buy cigarettes instead of food. I know I have. Do you think that’s an easy relationship to end? Would you be afraid to end it?

      The book helps face those fears and gives you techniques and motivation to become a Happy Non Smoker.
      Trust me, there is a huge difference between somebody that quits, but wishes they were smoking and somebody that takes pleasure in being Free!

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