1. Diana

    Hello Phil

    I had a cheat meal today as my husband and I went into town and had lunch. We shared a Mike burger and fries so not very much food and then we shared a Frappuccino at Starbucks. I cannot turn my husband down when he wants to do lunch even though sometimes I don’t particularly want to and today I didn’t especially lol. I have to remember though that life happens and as long as I am staying true and happy with my plan 90% of the time then it’s all good.
    I love the Eat To Live plan of eating and I know it is for the long term as I feel great when I am incorporating all those terrific foods loaded with micronutrients . If I feel like a little meat then I have it but now more as a condiment than a big ole slab of meat lol.

    • Phil

      Dee, I’m glad you and your husband had your burgers and fries, I think a cheat meal has a great value to it. I’m looking forward to the Fourth of July’s burgers, fries, hot dogs, beer and fireworks.
      You have the 90/10 Rule firmly in place and you’ll be fine. You’ve found the secret to eating anything you want and still lose weight.
      Who has it better than us? ;^)

  2. Diana

    Hi Phil, you off work early today!!

    I think the reason I have not been hungry on less is the amount of protein I was consuming on the BT plan. Well the protein and the fat. Actually I can imagine on this plan I would need to eat more or I would be hungry. Much less fat and protein. I did have beans and onions for breakfast and now I am having pineapple, orange, cucumber and lettuce salad for lunch. I am going to juice some carrots and see about making a dressing with it and adding some apple cider vinegar, the ground flax, mustard and maybe some lemon juice.

    • Phil

      Dee, as long as what you’re doing is working and you’re happy, I would say change nothing.
      I just don’t like that people think they have to go hungry to lose weight. That’s a formula for failure.

      The fat on ETL comes from seeds, nuts and Avocado. I promise you that I have never been hungry on ETL. Of course you know that I do a water fast from time to time, but I don’t do it for weight loss.

      Your dressing sounds a lot like my dressing, except I use either apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, but not both.

      I think you’re fine on your meal plan.

      Yes, I was off today.

      • Diana

        I am doing very well this week on the ETL plan.
        I am not craving the meat and cheese as I did last week and feeling frustrated about having to give it a miss. I am probably going to have a couple of cheat items on Friday and Saturday as my granddaughter and I are going on a girls hotel stay. I have learned from BT that I can do those little deviations and get right back on the plan. I don’t spin one meal into a day and then a week as I used to. Good Stuff!!

        • Phil

          Enjoy the weekend with the girls. You’ve gotten your feet wet with ETL, and it will change the way you look at what food really is. You’re going to go through major changes in the way you feel.

          My wife decided on Sunday that it was time to get back strict on ETL. It’s Wed. night and I’m down four pounds. I know it’s not fat, but it is weight. Weight that I won’t be carrying around tomorrow when I go for my jog.

          Ain’t life grand, when a plan comes together?

  3. Diana

    As you know Phil, I have been playing around with some of the elements of Eat to Live Plan but improving my health is a priority for me. I have had success with the BT plans but since I watched the Eat To Live videos, I am interested in implementing more of those elements in my diet. I will not be able to stick to this plan 100% because I live with my husband lol and he wants to go out for lunch once a week. When I can stay true to the course and the ball is in my court I will certainly do so.
    Interesting stuff and thanks for sharing Phil!!


    • Phil

      Dee, I went on and have stayed on ETL because of the health benefits. It just makes sense to me. I lost 27 lbs. in the first six weeks of ETL, as a by-product.

      When I’m not on a strict 6 Week ETL program, I do include a Cheat Meal during the week. I’ll cycle between strict and cheat meal, but I always eat clean.

      I haven’t found a healthier eating program than Eat To Live.


      • Diana

        Well, I can’t stay exactly on a strict ETL program but I can do a cheat meal and eat clean the rest of the time. I am going to cycle back to herbal tea instead of coffee on my clean days and only have a small coffee with cheat meal. Somehow coffee black does not appeal to me anyway lol and I need cream. The only thing I see is the amount of food that I would need to eat and I do love the intermittent fasting with my first meal at 11 or so. Could I do that and how important is the amount of food? I know the more raw veggies you eat the better for the negative calories. Not that I am focused on weight loss.

        • Phil

          “Not that I am focused on weight loss”
          Focus on the Nutrition and you can do what you want. You don’t have to worry about the amount. It’s almost impossible to overeat when you Eat Clean.

          I think it’s that EZ.

          • Diana

            Oh I was actually thinking that I could not eat the amount of food suggested in the plan Phil. Over the last year with BT plans I am used to eating less.

          • Phil

            “Over the last year with BT plans I am used to eating less.”

            Dee, how is that working out for you?

            Do you ever feel, hungry, deprived, like something is missing?

            I personally don’t believe in, “Eat Less and Workout More!”
            If that ever worked nobody would ever have a weight issue. This Myth has been going on for over 50 years… enough already.

            Top Weight Loss Myths Debunked

            You know I believe in Daily Exercise, but I don’t spend hours in the gym.

            If you follow “Eat To Live” which says “Make Salad the Main part of your Meal!” and eat as much G.B.O.M.B.S as you can, and as little as you can of everything else, you will lose weight. You will be Feeding your body Real Food!

            “ETL” doesn’t feed the cravings and addictions of the Standard American Diet (SAD). So that when you’re full, you stop eating. What a concept, but it’s been forgotten on how to do it by most people.

            The Sugar, Fat, Salt, Bread, Junk Food and empty calories have no Off Switch, you just keep stuffing your face. Since you’re getting No Nutrition your body thinks it’s Starving, so your brain tells you, “Keep Eating!”

            That’s why we are Overfed and Undernourished.

            Eat Real Food, as much as you want. If you think you’re hungry Eat Real More Food

            Pretty soon when you find there’s no reason to ever be hungry, when you’ve had enough, you’ll learn the best workout in the world, The Table Pushup. Where you just push the dinner table away, and say, “Enough!”

            There’s so many things I like about BT, but eating less is not one of them.

            What do you think, does this make sense?

      • Diana

        Well it’s Saturday again, comes around fast and April will soon be gone… I did have some trouble yesterday staying on the plan Phil. I think the protein especially is doing my head in. The plan is simple and I can certainly see the health benefits to eating this way so I will do it today and see if I can get around my head telling me to eat some protein other than beans lol. I like to experiment with eating plans but I would like to do a fairly strict run of the eat to live. I like to be in control of my nutrition and exercise because the rest of my life is in chaos right now. The last couple of days I seem to have lost my stick to it ness with my nutrition and I have to get that reigned in very quickly.

        • Phil

          Dee. my wife has decided that she needs to Get Strict with ETL, she’s feeling some extra pounds.
          The “Eat To Live” program is six weeks, if you do it strict the average weight loss is 20 pounds. I don’t think my wife wants to lose 20 pounds, but I sure do.

          So, for me it’s GBOMBS only, no more than 12 ounces of meat per week, (I’ll probably go meatless). No Cheat Meals for that six weeks and No Fasts.

          I’m looking forward to it. I sure need it.

          Should you try it?
          I would suggest you ‘try’ ETL for one week, and see your results and how you like it. Maybe it’s just what you need right now, like my wife.

          Of course you can just modify it instead, but I doubt the results will be as pronounce.

          Whatever you decide, enjoy the journey. Remember, it’s all just an Experiment Of One. You live and learn… Right?

  4. Great review of Eat To Live. I believe that the cure of all that ales us is in our food. However, eating healthy can be a challenge and we need guidance on how to get there. Eat To Live is that guide!

    • Phil

      Hi J., thanks for your comment.
      I know you’re right that Food Is The Cure!
      Yes, eating healthy can be a challenge to some people. Habits and perspective of a lifetime can be hard to break. It all comes down to choices.

      It wasn’t for me. I had heard eat more fruits and vegetables from my Mom. I knew that was what I was supposed to eat, that it was “Good for me!”

      But, it wasn’t until “Eat To Live” that I finally understood that I wasn’t getting enough Nutrition, and that without that my body was going to start to break down.

      Dr. Furhman, beyond any doubt changed and probably extended my life. How do I thank him for that? EZ I spread the word, and hope it makes as much sense to the next person.

      Isn’t that all we can really do? Pay it forward.


  5. Hi Phil

    Thanks very much for this information – it is very much appreciated. With so many of my family and friends exposed to asbestos, the day will certainly come when we will be facing it (cancer) again.. We have been having a good run lately, thank God, and a family member and another ex Wittenoom resident have beaten cancer through diet, but many are not convinced, so it will be good to have the book as back up.and a plan to live by. I will be buying it shortly, as it sounds just what I have been looking for..

    Thanks very much, and I appreciate you following me up on this. Your website is great and very help0ful too. .

    • Phil

      Katharina, I’m glad you found the information helpful. While you’re waiting for the book I’m going to send you something via email just to get you started.

  6. The upgrade looks fantastic, Phil. Your site is growing and looking great! Keep building. The information you are providing will be a great help to a lot of people.

    • Phil

      Thanks Allyn, I do appreciate your comment. I look at my site with some pride, but all I see is what’s missing and left to add. There’s still a lot to do and a lot of people that I know could use what I have to offer here. All in due time, right?

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