1. Diana

    I love my lifelineUSA TNT Cables!! Yep, I am happy with my workouts and the progress I am making.

    Our fearless leader Phil turned me on to the 15/15 workout with the cables and I started asking questions and the rest is history!!

    I ordered the cables and officially started my workouts on March 25th. The great thing about the cables is the fact that the handles hold 3 cables, so how about that for an awesome feature!! At first I ordered the R1(10lb) and the R2(20lb) and 2 handles. My routine started with the R1 and quickly progressed to the R2…methinks I was stronger than Phil realized…hehe…so then I could combine the R1(10lb) and the R2(20lb) and you see where I am going with this right???

    Suddenly I have 30lbs of workout happening.
    I gave up my gym membership that I had for the last 5 years. I just wasn’t happy and I never felt like I was progressing the way I thought I should. I had to really talk myself into getting in the car and spending the time and fuel to get my workout done.

    Last week I started my workout with the R4(40lb) and now I am ready to add an R1(10lb) to the mix and then I have 50 lbs going on in not even 2 months. I had resistance bands a whole bunch of years ago but LifelineUSA TNT cables are far superior. The handles are sturdy and comfortable but the best part is taking my workout with me when I am away from home.
    Throw my cables in my bag and I never need to miss a workout!!

    I will never pay for a gym membership again as the cables are all I need or want to get a great effective workout with a very small investment in cash and time!!
    A little side here about the 15/15 workout, the 10 minute powerhouse!!

    Everyone has 10 minutes right???? Course you do and who can not get a workout in when it’s only 10 minutes. Work smarter, not longer and reap some serious rewards!!

    I am dealing with osteoarthritis in my right knee which is severe and I never thought I could do this type of workout with the squats but I have more flexibility in my right leg in the quad area and I know I am building the muscle around my knee which for me is a win, win situation to keep my mobility as long as I can without the knee replacement.

    Give the cables a try, I know you will be pleased with the quality, price and convenience.
    We all can do something and this is a whole lot of something that is going to improve your fitness health!!

    • Phil

      Dee, you are an outstanding example of what’s possible when you want it bad enough.
      I know a lot of people that would never try doing as many squats as the LL 15/15 workout, with or without the bad knee.

      You took it at your own pace, and I don’t think you ever missed a workout and look at the progress you’ve made. This Wed. May 13th, we’ll both be working out with the same resistance and I’m overjoyed.

      Thank you for your glowing review. I think you said it better than I ever could.
      I hope you inspire a lot of people to try the workout whether they buy the Lifeline TNT cables or not.

  2. Edmund Ilski

    Phil,cables have been ordered 🙂
    I’m upping the anty.
    I’m not going to lose the little bit of muscles I have left.
    Now I know this will not be a “Dear Charles.finished your course- send the muscles.”
    Just rattling your cage Phil.
    I have full confidence these cables will benefit me more than weights and the practicality”out weighs” the weights.
    All because of your site 🙂
    Now, I’m going to have to up my walking mileage,only doing 2 miles right now and you are doing 4?
    Well you old geezer you- the challenge is on 🙂

    • Phil

      Papi, you are going to love your LifeLine cables http://makeitez4me.com/review-lifeline-tnt-cables/
      Seriously the most practical piece of exercise equipment you can own. You are never going to want to be without them. Luckily they’re so lightweight and portable you can take them with you any where.

      I’m going to up the ante on you now. By March 1st I’ll be jogging 3 1/2 miles every morning in addition to my 15/15 workout. You better kick it in gear. ;^)

      • Edmund Ilski

        Phil,ok old man,-your on.
        I have begun walking 2 miles and am sure 3 miles will be in my reach by March 1.
        Notice I said walking,not running.
        I have done the 15/15 two days in a row and my legs and gluteus are not happy with my brain.
        So,my brain has agreed to take the 15/15 off,but I will walk as this is not so strenuous.
        I will resume the 15/15 after one day rest.

        • Phil

          I’m hurting this morning as well. Today I feel Sundays workout in my shoulders, triceps and pecs. It would not be a crime to rest another day, but I think I’m going to give it a go.
          I have aspirin if I need it, I can take a hot bath and I know I can buy a fresh pineapple right across the street.
          Those are my recommended ways of easing muscle pain.

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