1. Diana

    Hi Phil

    I am craving a spinach salad today. Not sure what i am going to put in it. Not a conventional spinach salad but for sure red peppers and I am going to roast some chickpeas
    and probably some green beans and some orange and I will make your dressing today to go along with it.

    Have a great weekend Phil!!


    Oh I saw your comment at BT about maybe working part time to devote more time to your awesome website!! This is your baby isn’t it and you should be very proud Phil of what you have accomplished!!

    • Phil

      You too Dee, have a great weekend.

      Yes, this is my baby and you know that I live it every day. I have a notebook full of articles to write for the website, but working full-time I just don’t have the time to research and write the three to five articles I should be adding on a weekly basis.

      I need to be a lot more active on Social Media and health related forums like BT to be more in touch with what problems people are having that I may have solutions for.

      There’s a lot of work I need to do, but it a labor of love. It’s just hard building your own business when you’re working full-time for somebody else.

      I will find a way.


      • Josiane Souza Comper

        Boa noite Phil !!

        Eu estou adorando seu site 🙂
        Eu gostaria de saber como conservar o molho para salada saudável , se devo por na geladeira ou deixar fora e por quantos dias ela conserva , e leva algum tipo de óleo ?

        • Phil

          Obrigado pelas suas amáveis ​​palavras.
          Faço pequenos lotes de o curativo frescos todos os dias .
          No entanto não há nenhuma razão você não poderia mantê-lo fora , à direita no balcão. Não existe óleo e nada para estragar .

          A semente de linho terreno fará com que o drssing para engrossar , se você deixá-lo repousar durante 15 a 20 minutos . Eu gosto um pouco grossa . Se ele é muito grosso você pode adicionar mais um pouco de vinagre ou suco, e dar a jarra outro shake.

          Por favor, tente -o e deixe-me saber o que você pensa .

          Perdoe-me, eu não falo Português .

  2. You’ve convinced me to eat better and I’ve already lost weight. It’s not even all about the weight, it’s about feeling better and having more energy. I haven’t tried your recipe for dressing yet but I now have the recipe.

  3. Jeff

    Hi Phil,

    I am enjoying your site and it is quickly turning into a point of reference for me…excellent job.

    I love my salads and have been looking for a healthier dressing choice. I am going to make some this evening and give it a try. I am looking forward to trying it.

    Keep the useful content coming!


    • Phil

      Jeff. please consider My Dressing as a starting point. Mix a small batch (I think a Grey Poupon jar is just the right size). The ground Flax seed is just there for the Omega 3’s and as a thickening agent. Let the dressing stand for 10 minutes before using.

      Taste the dressing, add more juice if you want it sweeter, more mustard or more vinegar if you like. Mrs Dash or Garlic powder to taste. I use a different Organic juice every week. I’ve been making this dressing going on 3 years. I still love it.

      Please let me know what you think?

  4. Edmund Ilski

    Phil tried your salad recipe,and liked it.
    I like how it is customizable as you say.
    Spices,herbs,more mustard,less mustard,same for vinegar.
    Thanks again 🙂

  5. I would love to try this salad dressing as you suggested. I and my wife are promoting salad in to our evening meal just to keep a healthy dinner and sleep well. Your website offer an amazing alternative to us all. This is absolutely a very good niche, keep on reviewing and adding more knowledge you will surely hit the goal.

  6. Edmund Ilski

    Hello Phil.
    Second go at this.My eyes aren’t what they use to be 🙂
    I will try this salad dressing.
    Since my thyroid condition is relatively under control I no longer have weight swings.
    But I do realize I could always eat healthier,thus I will visit again 🙂

    • Phil

      I’m glad you’ve got that thyroid under control.
      My Dressing recipe is infinitely customizable, from the kind of juice you use to the amounts of mustard and vinegar. Try using some different herbs and spices. I’ve been using this recipe for over two years and haven’t got bored yet.
      Please let me know what you think?

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