1. Wendy

    Last week I read an article that there are over 100 names for sugar. And they do this so they can sneak more of it into our food and since we don’t recognise the name as sugar we think we are eating less than we are.

    The Standart American Diet really is SAD and scary. More children than ever are developing type 2 diabetes because of the way they have been eating since birth. Sugar is very addictive and it makes people crave more of it.

    I also feel that sugar as well as other chemicals are responsible for ADD and even possibly depression and bipolar disease. The reason I say this is because the way sugar makes your blood sugar spike and then dive causing a crash.

    There is hope, though. I saw yesterday on the news that sales for both Pepsi and coke have dropped to a thirty year low. This is a sign for me that people may be getting smarter.

    Thanks for this great article Phil. For me, I am simply eating real food. If it comes in a box and has a bar code then it probably isn’t real food.

    • Phil

      Hey, Wendy, thanks for your well thought out comment. There’s a lot of bad in Sugar, the biggest problem is that it’s so addictive and it’s everywhere. I’ve read that cavemen had an average of 22 teaspoons of sugar a year, today the average person eats their bodyweight in Sugar.

      I go more into my feelings on Sugar in my article, If you tell me what you Eat… I’ll tell you why you’re Sick!

      Not to crush your hopes but Pepsi to stem the dropping sales of their Diet Pepsi have decided to go back to adding Aspartame, which their customers prefer. Aspartame, sweetened by the fecal matter of the E Coli bacteria and perhaps the most dangerous substance added to most foods. So much for people getting smarter.

      If people would just wean themselves off all Sugar, and let their standard for sweetness be ripe fruit in season, they would be better off. You’re on the right track by sticking to real food.

  2. Kate

    I totally agree that our Standard American Diet is SAD and it is killing us. I’m in my forties and want to live a long healthy life. I have always thought of myself as “food smart.” But not really. It wasn’t until I started doing my own research for personal reasons that I am discovering the power of REAL food. The disease trend is growing at alarming rates. And it’s extremely scary. I am still researching and learning and just learned something new about baking soda mixed with water. I am going to try that. I workout a lot and definitely feel the burn. So I am so glad to have come across your article it is refreshing to meet like minded people. Stay well and thanks for your passion and helping to better educate the people of our world. I will try and do the same.

    • Phil

      Hi, Kate, thanks for your comment.
      If you don’t have your health, what do you really have.
      To make somebody else responsible for your health is a huge mistake.
      Not to take away from those in the medical profession, but they’re really not into prevention or cure.
      Prevention has to be jour job.
      I take that job very seriously, and I do like to share what I’ve found.
      I hope you’ll be back, and Shar if you find something of value.

  3. Phil,

    Your prescription for excellent health and immunity from the worst diseases associated with ageing are “Too Commonsensical” – hence the people who would benefit the most from them will probably fail to do so. I sincerely hope for their sake they resist that negative impulse.

    • Phil

      Gene, you’re absolutely correct, I deal with it every day. The people that need to change their diets and lifestyle the most, don’t think it matters. They’re sick and tired most of the time, overweight and over medicated and live to eat. I can’t care more than they do about their health, after all I’m not their mother. All I can do is lead by example, tell them what I know, and answer questions or point them here if they have problems.
      With over 60% of the American people overweight, at some point you’ve got to deal with the fact it’s not a lack of information, it’s a failure to accept and apply what they know to be true.

      • I believe it may be a bit more complicated than that. I think Americans have been bombarded by so much false, misleading and exploitative information from so many directions (Dr. Oz, the Weight Expert who collects royalties for his endorsements of bogus weight pills and wrinkle removers?), including US agencies and well known medical establishments, that they don’t know who to trust so they’ve just retreated into their shells. Your program WORKS! I’ve tried it and GOMBS has saved my life. Other readers who also have had success with your recommendations need to step up and tell your readers their experiences so the doubters give your wise counsel a try.

        • Phil

          Gene, it would be nice if they did, but as you say people pick up so much information that sometimes you don’t know when or where you learned something.
          When I write my articles I do so much research and write notes as I go. I know I should keep track of every resource, but I don’t.
          I do have people that have followed me for some time, but almost never comment here and they will just email me instead.
          However the information gets out is fine with me. As EZ as I make it to eat healthily and exercise, I know only a very small percentage are going to try and apply what I suggest.

  4. Hey Phil I’m really glad you are showing everyone the benefits of what a better diet of good food and water can do for the body. Not just movie stars or the upper 1% but EVERYONE.
    I had always assumed that water was water but since Flint Michigan I trust the EPA as much as I need another hole in the head.
    Thank you for the inspiring article.

    • Phil

      Ken, I know you’re as involved and as concerned as I am about eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle.
      Please share this article on Facebook and Google + if you think you can help somebody with it.

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