• Phil

      Margaret, did the video motivate you to order the book? Are you looking to stop smoking or to help someone else? If I can be of any help just let me know. I cannot recommend the book enough.

    • Phil

      Rick, it doesn’t take courage, it takes a decision that you’re ready to Stop, and the method. A method that has been used by millions of people, for more than 20 years, that has in it’s title “Easy Way…”
      A method where the author knows us so well that he tells you, don’t even think about stopping before you finish the book. Then and only them will you be done forever. Oh Happy Day!

  1. I did try Allen Carr but it didn’t work for me. I quit for about a week and then I started again. Same as you, I just hate myself for being a smoker. Oh well, I will be trying again…and again…and again.
    Anyway thanks for the great post and yes, Allen Carr is known to be a great help for smokers; I suppose I’m the exception that makes the rule stronger 🙂

    • Phil

      Emma, maybe you just weren’t ready.
      Its funny my 12th Anniversary for Quitting Smoking, was Dec. 13th, one month ago. I just started rereading ‘Easy Way…’ even though I’ve never had the slightest urge to smoke since finishing the book the first time. It gives me comfort and reassurance that anyone that’s ready can do it too.

      On Page 3 (of my copy)he explains only two reasons for failure with his system. If I were you I would go back to that page and find the answer between those two.

      If I can be of any help or support, please do not hesitate to ask.

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