1. Phil

    On Monday April 20th, I started back strict on Eat To Live
    and I’ve lost 13 lbs. in 12 days, and I feel great!

    I am getting stronger, faster and building endurance?

    My legs felt heavy starting out I walked 7 miles yesterday.
    1st ¼ mile –Today 2:42
    1st ½ miles – Today 5:24
    1st Mile – Today 10:36
    Longest Jog – 20:08 OVER 20 Minutes!!!!
    3 ½ miles – Today 43:47

    • Diana

      Amen to your post Phil…you are rocking it!!

      I know, I know, it’s easy peasy and it works lol
      I am just a hair off strict and I might do strict for a week or so…I need a week where nothing will interfere unless I want it to lol..

      • Phil

        Dee, it sounds like a plan.
        I’m having Banana Ice Cream in about two minutes.
        Dieting Stinks… that’s why I never do it.

        • Diana

          Ohhhh well good for you!! I am going to have that
          again tomorrow and only bananas next time around. I don’t know why I felt the need to throw in some nut butters today. Delish!!

          • Phil

            Nuts, any way shape or form is like Crack to me.

            My Dad, when I was a kid, would sit after dinner with a bowl of mixed nuts and a nutcracker, and that was his dessert. Until one day, his doctor told him that he was allergic to nuts. I thought he was going to cry.

  2. Phil

    Wed. April 29th
    Today I went for How Long Can I Jog Without stopping?
    Last time was April 15th
    1/4 – was 2:46 – now 2:42
    1/2 – was 5:26 – now 5:24
    1 mile – was 11:46 – now 10:36
    1 1/2 mile – was 16:52- now 15:57

    No problem with my keft hamstring.

  3. Phil

    Second-day doing Sprints
    I decided to jog to the park as a warm up.
    2 – 25-yard sprints,
    2 – 50-yard sprints,
    4 – 100-yard sprints.
    Best time for the 100 yes. was 20 seconds, 2 seconds off last week.

    I did feel a slight pull in my left hamstring so I took it easy the last two sprints.

  4. Phil

    On Monday April 20th, I started back strict on Eat To Live and I’ve lost 9 lbs. in five days, and I feel great!

    But, am I getting stronger, faster and building endurance?

    Easter Sunday, was my best jog of the year.
    1st ¼ miles – was 2:46 – Today 2:42
    1st ½ miles – was 6:00 – Today 5:18
    1st Mile – was 11:40 – Today 10:25
    3 ½ miles – was 43:47 – Today 43:07

    I was able to sprint/run the last 100 yards to finish strong. The diet does not seem to be hurting me.

    I lost two pounds sweating, that will be back when I rehydrate.

    • Diana

      Nice job Phil!! Yep water comes and goes lol.
      I kind of wish I could weigh myself but I know I am better off not touching that lol.. As long as I feel slim that’s good enough for me!!

      Have a peachy Saturday!!

      • Phil

        Hey, Dee, I hope you’re well today and having fun.
        I mentioned the post workout weight loss just to point out that all weight loss isn’t Fat. Certainly not the first ten pounds or so.

        Besides it’s not what you take off it’s what you keep off that counts.
        People start a diet or exercise plan with a goal number in mind, but then plan to go back to exactly what they were doing before.

        That’s Yo-yo dieting, and probably one of the most dangerous things you can do.

        I find that my scale motivates me, as long as I look at it in perspective.

        Have a great one!

        • Diana

          Kath and I are having fun and heading to the pool for a few hours and then back home. I have enjoyed watching her having fun, that is the best part.

          You have to keep it all in perspective, as you say Phil. Some of us just give the scale way too much power. There is much the scale cannot measure…

  5. Phil

    April 21st 9th Day, but it wasn’t a Jogging day.

    I did 1/4 mile as a warmup for Sprints.
    I haven’t done sprints since High School, but I thought they should be a part of my training.
    I did 2 – 25 yard sprints,
    2 – 50 yard sprints,
    4 – 100 yard sprints.
    Time for the 100 yes. was about 22 seconds. My first time doing them I was focused on form.
    It felt good to run. I feel it more in my hamstrings than when I jog.
    I’ll probably be doing Sprints once a week.

  6. Phil

    April 19th 8th Day Jogging
    3rd time walk/jog 3 1/2 miles

    April 11th was the last time I did the whole park
    1st ¼ miles – was 2:40 – Today 2:40
    1st ½ miles – was 5 mins – Today 5:19
    1st Mile: – was 11 mins – Today 11:43
    3 ½ miles – was 43:48 – Today 45:45!!!

    This wasn’t my best day Jogging. I felt fine, and did the first 1/4 at 2:40 not too fast, at the 1/2 mile I was a little off the pace. After the 3/4 mark I was winded and my first jog was only 8:30. For the 3 1/2 miles I was almost 2 minutes slower.

    I have no excuses, I just didn’t have it today. I gave it my best effort.

    On the positive side;
    It was a beautiful day to be in the park jogging.
    I didn’t injure myself.
    I was much better off jogging, no matter how slow than to be home sitting on my butt, reading, writing or thinking about Jogging.
    I know beyond any doubt that I can do better.

    • Diana

      Amen Phil…I like to think that every time we workout in some manner, we are passing everyone sitting on the couch. Ok it wasn’t your best to date but you were out there and that is all that matters. You enjoyed the fresh air and feeling alive and happy.

      You will do better!!

      Have a lovely Sunday…Dee

  7. Phil

    April 17th 7th Day Jogging
    I timed my walk for 1/4 mile at my normal walking pace at 4:27

    I’m just going to time my jogs for 1/4 mile
    1. 2:35 – faster than I normally start off. I walked as I caught my breath.
    2. 2:26 – a little better
    3. 2:08 – I’m starting to get warmed up.
    4. 2:20 – starting to fade.
    5. I couldn’t do a 1/4 mile I was winded at 1:55.

    All together I jogged almost 1 1/4 mile and walked the same distance.
    I’ve got to get my time for a 1/4 under 2 minutes on average. But, I’m satisfied with my progress so far.
    Sunday April 19, it’s jog as far as I can and complete the park as fast as I can.

  8. Phil

    Wed. April 15th
    Today I went for How Long Can I Jog Without stopping?

    On 4/9 I did 1 1/4 mile in 13:48!
    I started over by the horse track and went against the traffic. It started mostly going uphill.
    1/4 – 2:46
    1/2 – 5:26
    1 mile – 11:46
    1 1/2 mile – 16:52
    Three minutes better than my last longest jog and Over Half Way To 30 Minutes. It’s only my 6th day jogging this year!

    • Diana

      Nice work Phil, awesome for only your 6th jog this year.
      I forgot to ask how your water fast went for you.

      I’ve got some digestive issues again which I thought were totally settled down. Not like me to have this problem but I had it a couple of weeks ago. Makes me want to really give my system a break. I did add hemp hearts yesterday and I had some black beans so I am wondering if that was the problem. Hmmm lol

      • Phil

        Hi Dee, I’m sorry to hear about your digestive issues, I hope you’re feeling better now.

        I loved my three day water fast, it feels so great t get in touch with your body. If I didn’t enjoy it I certainly wouldn’t do it. Three days was so much better than a two day. Yeah, I know I’m weird, but I do enjoy it.

        I’ve been eating real clean this year, but I still like the idea of a fast. I’m doing some research now on a good Detox program for myself. When I decide which way to go I will post here and mention it on BT.

        I usually have beans at least once and sometimes twice a day. My favorite quick go-to meal is Goya Black Beans and Salsa, I don’t even have to warm it, just right out of the can and I’m good.

        Feel better,

  9. Phil

    Monday 4/13
    I wanted to see how fast I could do a mile.

    1st 1/4 mile: 2:45 not my fastest time for 1/4.
    1st 1/2 mile: 5:27 still not great.
    1 mile: 10:27 – 33 seconds faster than my best time of 11 minutes!

    How come?
    I did the second half mile 27 seconds faster than the first half mile.
    Second half mile Five Minutes Flat,
    not a land speed record, but that’s improvement to me.
    I do like to start slow, I’m just starting on building my wind and endurance.
    But, the real reason the second half was faster is that it was mostly Downhill. The first half was mostly uphill.

    You can’t run a mile where I run and not hit a hill, it’s not a track. When I do the whole park, to start I usually try to go slow uphill and speed up going downhill.
    But, to do my best time for the whole park 3 1/2 miles eventually I’m going to have to run uphill and downhill.

    There is a technique I use to Flatten Hills, come back if you’re interested in finding out how I do it.

    Comments and questions are always welcome here.

    • Diana

      Good for you Phil, you must be excited at your progress!!

      When I was running I did hills twice a week. I used to have my lady friends stop and ask me if I wanted a ride if it was raining lol. I found the hill work really built up my endurance quite quickly.

      • Phil

        Dee, we both must be weird, the harder it is the more we like it and the more we want to do it.
        I’m looking forward to hills and sprints and hot humid days to really make me sweat.

        Remember that in January 2012, I was 245 lbs. and walking with a cane.
        Joy is just being able to walk, jogging and running is Heaven. 8^)


  10. Phil

    I went out much earlier today, but I just got to posting now.
    The park was really crowded today. I had to jog around people the whole way.

    1st ¼ miles – was 2:46 – Today 2:40
    1st ½ miles – was 6 mins – Today 5 mins
    1st Mile: – was 11:40 – Today 11 mins
    3 ½ miles – was 43:47 – Today 43:48!!! What!!!

    I’m going to blame all of those people I had to jog around. ;^)

    • Diana

      Yep…darn them ppl enjoying the park!! What’s with that lol
      You are making steady progress Phil, great work!!


      • Phil

        Really Dee, I don’t mind people using my backyard, but at least get out of my way… LOL
        I was really surprised when my time for 3 ½ miles was within one second of last time. That was just freaky.

  11. Phil

    All I wanted to do today was to jog for a longer time than 1/2 mile in 5:45.
    I was thinking maybe 6 minutes, 8 minutes, maybe even ten minutes.
    But, I wasn’t even thinking about doing
    1 1/4 mile in 13:48!
    The last time I jogged that distance was Sunday Sept. 7, 2014.
    How do I know that CLICK HERE

  12. Phil

    My legs weren’t fully recovered from yesterdays LL 15/15 workout, but I did want to go for a short jog.
    My goal was to see how far I could go with my First Jog.
    My first two jogs were:
    1st ½ miles – was 6:48 – Then 6 mins

    Today I jogged a full 1/2 mile in 5:45.
    Again not fast, that wasn’t my goal.
    Distance first, how long can I go before I get winded. Then I can work on Speed.

  13. Phil

    Easter Sunday, second jog of the year.
    1st ¼ miles – was 2:43 – Today 2:46 I didn’t want to come out too fast
    1st ½ miles – was 6:48 – Today 6 mins I jogged more of the 1/2 mile.
    1st Mile: – was 12:53 – Today 11:40
    3 ½ miles – was 48:33 – Today 43:47 almost 5 mins faster.
    I’m very pleased.

    • Diana

      Happy Easter Sunday Phil!!

      Nice work and you should be pleased!!

      Off to the store in awhile to get some fixings for hummus.
      Kind of a cheat meal happening, my husband wants to go for lunch so I am looking forward to the day!!

      • Phil

        Happy Easter Dee!

        Today is my wife’s birthday and Easter. It’s going to be a Cheat Day for us. I’m making Osso Buco.

        I’m thrilled with my second jog.

        • Diana

          Hi Phil,

          That recipe sounds amazing and I hope your wife had a lovely Birthday. Nothing like really good food to make a
          special day memorable!!

          • Phil

            My wife and I were both very pleased with the way the Osso Buco came out.
            People sometimes don’t understand that when you follow an eating plan for weight loss or just to eat healthier that you don’t just stop loving your old favorites. You still love them, but you make a decision that it’s not something you need to eat all of the time.
            I firmly believe that if you eat clean and healthy 90% of the time than 10% of the time you can get away with eating whatever you crave. That doesn’t mean that the 90% has to be boring or less than great tasting.

  14. Phil

    Friday April 3rd, “Good Friday” a good day to start jogging.
    The last time I went to Prospect Park to go for a jog I slipped on a small piece of ‘black ice’ and nearly fell on my keister. I can’t afford to break a hip so I decided I’d wait until the ice and snow were gone for sure.

    When I woke up this morning it was a little rainy, but it was 61º. This is a good day to start jogging. I walk about 5 miles every day, between walking to and from the train station to and from work, walks at my breaks and 2 miles at lunch. Those walks do me more good to refresh me than a cup of coffee.

    The inside path of Prospect Park, in Brooklyn, is about 3 ½ miles. The park is beautiful the people are fascinating, it’s My Backyard. The path has measured ¼ miles marked. With an inexpensive runners watch it’s easy to track my progress. That’s what I’m going to do here.

    My Goal: is to Jog/Run 3 ½ miles in under 30 minutes.

    I Start Here:
    1st ¼ miles – 2:43 – Easy Jog the whole ¼ mile
    1st ½ miles – 6:48 – Walked the second ¼ mile
    1st Mile: – 12:53 – Walked mostly jogged when I could.
    3 ½ miles – 48:33 – Walked and jogged as much as I felt like.

    Well, I didn’t set any land speed record, but that wasn’t the point. It was just to set a ‘Baseline’ to set a standard. I want to work on getting the time for the 1st Mile down as much as I can. Once that’s under 8 minutes than anything is possible.

    Tomorrow I do my LL 15/15 workout.
    Sunday, I want to knock some time off that 12:53

    • Diana

      Hi Phil

      Good for you on the jogging today!! Yes, be careful not to go out in conditions where you might slip. That is a pretty impressive goal you have set for yourself but I am sure you will get there. I won’t tell you my time for 5 miles lol.

      Here is to a great workout tomorrow and your run on Sunday!!


    • Phil

      K, I know if it’s not Easy I won’t do it. I try to present whatever I suggest as not only possible to do, but EZ and Fun.

  15. Love your site and it is so damn accurate… I have two knees that have both been through surgery… so I can walk for sure, it’s the jogging that puts too much impact on already bone-on-bone (just about). Can’t afford more surgery as yet. I hope soon.
    Great site Phil!!

    • Phil

      Nick, I have bad knees as well, if you walk and never jog a step, you’ll be better of than if you don’t walk.

      In January 2012, I weighed 245 lbs. and walked with a cane


      Here’s an excerpt from that blog.

      A couple of weeks ago, I was up early looking through some old stuff on my computer and I found this Exercise Log from 2011.

      Tues. June 21st 2011 the First Day of Summer I weighed 245 lbs.

      My goal was to walk a mile without pain from shin splints.

      What a scary time that brings back. Morbidly Obese, unable to walk without pain.

      This June, my plan is to beat my best time for a 5K from when I was in my 30’s.


      • Diana

        Hi Phil

        I see you were up early this morning and off to work with your exercise done!! June 21st is my bd and I was reading all the above information with interest and I have to say you sure are single minded and that is what it takes to achieve your goals. Like you say, it just takes a second to make up your mind and then just do it!!
        Did my 2 sets of 50 pushups this morning and going to do the cable workouts every second day I think and see if I like that routine better!! Thanks again Phil, you are the best!!


        • Phil

          Dee, you know I’m a big fan of yours as well.
          “bd” does that mean Birthday, June 21st? I’m marking my calendar.
          Two sets of 50 pushups that is pretty hardcore right there and then to alternate with the LL 15/15.
          I’m impressed.


          • Diana

            Hi Phil

            I just noticed your reply and yes my birthday on the 21st, sure comes around fast but the alternative to that is not good…The sun is shining here today and my daffodils and grape hyacinth are blooming….purple and yellow, what a stunning combination of color. I am envious of your running Phil, as I cannot do that anymore because of my knee. I did have my few moments in the sun and one coveted medal from a race that my oldest son and I participated in. He was there at the end to cheer me across the finish line…ummmm lol I was at the tail end but that was ok as I did what I set out to do. It was funny though as I had trained for a good 7 months and my recovery was a whole lot better than my son’s and his gf lol. I could walk the next day!! I really am into your less is better with respect to exercise and I like the thought that 20% of your workout is getting you 80% of your results!!
            I used to think more was the way to go at the gym but all it does I think, is increase the level of inflammation in your body. Moderate and consistent is much better for your overall health.

            Thanks Phil and have a lovely weekend!!


          • Phil

            Dee, there’s no need to jog or run with your bad knees. If you can walk ten minutes three times a day or thirty minutes one time a day… Without Pain… I think you’re doing great.

            But, even if you’re not walking, but doing the LL 15/15 workout for ten minutes, 5 reps per set, that’s still 100 squats with resistance. That’s quite a workout for your legs and your whole body.

            “Moderate and consistent is much better for your overall health.”

            I consistently push just a little bit harder every workout. When I do it right I have nothing left after my final set. Why some people consider the LL 15/15 a “warm-up” just convinces me that they have never tried it.

            Dee, I know you have and will continue making consistent and measurable progress.

            Great weekend,

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